Young Designers

Interested in fashion?

Are you are a creative person who loves creating new styles? Guess what? You are also an engineer! When we create new fashion designs, we are using knowledge and methods that are generally thought to belong to scientists, engineers, technology experts, and mathematicians. Become a Style Engineerand learn about the exciting worlds of engineering process, movement and clothing, materials and their properties, smart clothing, and the technology of the fashion industry!

Meet the Design PROs

Meet smart, talented, and creative women who work in the apparel industry. They apply science through fashion every day.

Style Engineers Sketchbook

Download and print the Style Engineers Sketchbook and start planning your amazing creations!

Download the Sketchbook

Illustrations © Philip Liow Hen Chun, 2011

©2015 Style Engineers: A Cornell University & University of Minnesota joint project.  All rights reserved worldwide.

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