Resources for leaders

Here are some links we have compiled as we developed the program regarding material resources for the activities, as well as additional information available online for further exploration of the topics introduced in the modules.

Material sources

Browse these resources to find supplies and materials for the activities.

Where to buy materials

More information

Find more in-depth information about the topics by reviewing these links.


Parts of a Sewing Machine

Breaks down, with detailed/ up-close photos, the parts of a sewing machine and their functions. (#7 The bobbin!)

Sewing 101

Not only covers the different parts of the machine and their function, but it also goes over basic materials needed to start sewing and how to get started (threading the machine, sewing, back tacking, etc.) Broken down in different categories on the website. YouTube videos also included!

Measure Engagement

Use these tools to measure your young designers’ thoughts on STEM, and their understanding of the Engineering Design Process.

Are you a STEM Girl? (PDF)

Measure your designers’ interest in STEM subjects

Engineering Design Process Interest (PDF)

Help young designers understand the scope of the engineering world

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