Style Engineers is a program designed for young girls who love fashion, but who may not think that science, technology, engineering, or mathematics are of interest to them or apply to any of the things they are passionate about. We have developed both activities and sample combinations of activities with all the information you need to introduce our program in any informal learning situation. We encourage you to browse our website to see all the great options we have developed! No matter what your needs or your time constraints, we have solutions for you that will engage and excite the girls you care about. Please let us have feedback when you try our program out by posting on our community pages and filling out our brief evaluation survey!

Fashion through science

Here is everything you need to create a successful Style Engineers event.

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Style Engineers is organized into five modules that demonstrate concepts related to fashion design.

Each module contains activities that can be stand-alone units, or can be linked with other activities. To get the full Style Engineers experience, we recommend that you choose at least one activity from each module and end with “Operation: Design Challenge” an activity which brings together the topics addressed in each module into a final capstone project.


Marvelous Materials


Movement Improvement


Smart Clothing


We are Engineers

Teach, learn, evaluate

We have developed two brief pre-post questionnaires appropriate for young girls to help you assess how well our program worked in engaging your group, teaching them and changing their point of view about STEM topics. And we want to hear your thoughts on how we can improve the program for you as leader.

Measure engagement

We are committed to helping you show that Style Engineers is a great way to engage youth in STEM. Use these tools to measure their thoughts on STEM, and their understanding of the Engineering Design Process.

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We are committed to continually improving the Style Engineers program. Take the Style Engineers program evaluation survey to tell us 
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