Floral Pattern Puzzle

Big picture

This activity introduces spatial awareness and the relationships between 2D pattern shapes that are important to the patterning process in fashion design.

What’s the goal?

Cut out and tape together puzzle pieces to make a miniature paper blouse.


Designers fill out the handouts individually but work in pairs to put the puzzles together.

Let's get started!

  1. Introduce the activity and pass out the materials.
  2. Show the designers a finished puzzle, or have them look at the picture of the final blouse on the page with the puzzle pieces. Explain that it has been separated into smaller pieces and needs to be put together like a jigsaw puzzle, and taped.
  3. Have the designers visualize how they think the smaller pieces will fit together to make the blouse front and how they would fit together to make the blouse back. Have them draw the shapes of the front and back patterns assembled (question #2 on the handout).
  4. Have the designers complete the challenge question (page 2 of the handout).
  5. Have the designers work in pairs to cut out and tape together the puzzle pieces.
  6. When they have finished both the front and the back, have them draw the shapes of their front and back pieces (question #3 on the handout).
Front pattern shape as it looks when assembled.

Front pattern shape as it looks when assembled.

Wrap it up

  1. Have them compare the final shapes (Question #3) to their original drawings (Question #2). What shape did they actually find? Was it the same as they expected?
  2. Have the young designers complete the Challenge Question individually.

Challenge Question

Which of these shapes is the assembled front pattern shape?



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