Engineering the Runway

Big picture

Young designers present their final prototype designs at a runway show.

What’s the goal?

Young designers work in teams to develop a script about their design and speak about the different concepts they learned during the program.


  • Print the Engineering the Runway Script Handout
  • Set up the runway
  • Prepare Certificates of Completion (put girls names on certificates, print, and sign)

Give teams the Engineering the Runway Script Handout when you first start the final project so that they may work on this while they are creating their prototype design


Young designers remain with the team that they worked with on their final project prototype.

For the runway show designers should have the following roles:

  • Reporter: This role from the final project should continue to the runway show. The reporter is responsible for the script. One or more people can read the team’s script for the design during the runway show; that is, one young designer from the group could read the entire script, or a few could speak with each describing one feature of the design.
  • Model: The model will wear the final prototype and demonstrate the features as the script is read.
  • Stylist: The stylist will help get the model ready for the runway and will be in charge of keeping track of the accessories, props, and other things needed for the runway show. The stylist will help with hair styling and, if used, make-up.

Let's get started!

The runway show can be a choreographed routine or simply a ‘walk through.’ Either way, some preparation is necessary.

  1. Work with the designers to generate ideas for the runway show. They can dance, walk, tell something about themselves, give a fact they learned in one of the activities, etc.
    1. Since only one person can model the final prototype, consider having the rest of the designers dress up in their skirts, show off their bags, or show off their wearable electronics (anything they made in previous activities).
  2. Spend about 40 minutes rehearsing for the runway show. The rehearsal and planning may happen the day before, if you have a multi-day program.
    1. Be sure to highlight the final prototype garments in the show. Have ‘the reporter’ give a final report on the design by using questions in the Engineering the Runway Script Handout while the model shows off the garment(s)!
  3. While groups are preparing their prototypes, leaders (or extra hands) can be preparing for the runway show.
    1. Preparation may include getting the ‘stage’ ready, music set up, arranging lighting, setting up seating, etc. If you do not have a stage, creating a runway with ribbon taped to the floor is one option.
    2. Prepare Certificates of Completion with the young designer’s names and leader’s signatures for each participant!
  4. Present the young designers with Certificates of Completion at the show!
Tips for a successful show
  • Introductions: A leader introduces the program, shares what the young designers have learned throughout the week, and how the program all comes together in a final project. Explain what the audience will see (runway show).
  • Acknowledge all the young designers: The designers walk through (or do choreography) wearing the skirts they made.
  • Quick Change for models: The model for each team quickly changes into the prototype designs and walks in with the reporter or reporting team
  • Explanation of design: Each reporter or team explains their designs
  • Conclusion: Leader concludes the runway show with closing remarks, acknowledging the designers’ hard work.
  • Leaders present the young designers with Certificates of Completion

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