About Style Engineers

About the Program

  • An NSF-funded partnership between Cornell University and the University of Minnesota, Style Engineers uses hands-on activities to introduce young people ages 10 to 15 to smart clothing and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) through their interest in Fashion.
  • The project strategy is to engage girls in STEM concepts and emerging technologies through informal learning outside of school. Hands-on, collaborative, and relevant real-world activities such as the ones we have developed for Style Engineers are known to improve how girls develop STEM identities, build confidence, and become motivated to pursue STEM-related learning and future careers.
  • In this program, you will find educational and inspirational role-model videos, sample agendas, educational activities of various levels of complexity, and other resources to support you as you build your own Style Engineers curriculum.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions  we are only an email away!

Supporting Partners

Style Engineers has been developed with the help of our community and industry partners.

Community Partners

4-H and Girls, Inc., two national organizations known for working with youth and informal science education, are partners in this project, and were instrumental in its development. These organizations integrate the Style Engineers activities into their programs as state fair demonstrations, career exploration events, and team-building exercises and encourage past participants from the program to conduct their own outreach activities. We continue to build a national network of Style Engineers through collaborations.

Industry Partners

We have also worked with many industry partners who have provided support, insight, and technology to enhance the Style Engineers program. Our thanks to the expertise and generous collaborative interactions with Clo3D, Optitex, NASA, Adidas, NIKE, Under Armour, and J Mendel.

Our partners are integral to the continued success and dissemination of the program. If you would like to collaborate with Style Engineers, please contact us. If you are a current collaborator, let us know what you are up to!

Our story

We have always understood that the creation of clothing is a complex activity. Creating garments that fit well on a variety of body sizes and shapes using materials with vastly different properties ranging from filmy silk chiffon to stout leather; garments that keep us comfortable, move with us, and look great –this takes a depth of understanding that is unrivaled for any other product design. The engineer who builds a bridge on solid ground has a simple task compared to ours! With our desire to introduce a new generation of young people to the real excitement of fashion design Style Engineers was born from this understanding, coupled. A grant from the National Science Foundation helped make this a reality, with an initial three years of development, testing, and having fun with the great youngsters who participated in our pilot programs.

Cornell University

University of Minnesota

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