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This material can provide great experiences for fairs, school demonstrations, after school activities, clubs, and camps. If you have an hour or a week, we have a plan for you!

An hour or less

If you have an hour or less, we
recommend these favorite activities

3 – 6 hours

If you have an afternoon, you can try a few key activities that demonstrate some basic concepts

9 – 12 hours

If you have a full day or few afternoons, we recommend this compressed version of our program

16 – 30 hours

If you have a week, we recommend that you explore the complete program!

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2 girls and counting

are already using the modules, videos and instructional guidance of our ScienceStylists to create new and wondrous works of fashion!

Getting started

Style Engineers is organized into five modules that demonstrate concepts related to fashion design. Each module contains activities that can be stand-alone units, or can be linked with other activities. To get the full Style Engineers experience, we recommend that you choose at least one activity from each module and end with “Operation: Design Challenge” an activity which brings together the topics addressed in each module into a final capstone project.


Marvelous Materials


Movement Improvement


Smart Clothing


We are Engineers

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